Cameroon Robotics Association

The incubation program launched by Sparte Robotics is a program open to students, whatever their level of study, who have a project in one of our fields of application and who would like to work on their project(s) in a professional setting accompanied by young engineers qualified in each of the company’s specialties.
You wish to benefit from an Internet connection to carry out your research, from an expertise to help you to advance in your project, from material to carry out your tests, from small snacks to maintain you and your belly in shape… ? so don’t hesitate to participate in our incubation program.

Starts on 07/02/2022

Have the will to realize your ideas!

How the program works

  1. Study and reframing of the project.
  2. Establishment of scenarios
  3. Select the scenario


4. Launching of the project

Research, realization and testing

If your application is validated, you will be informed by email and will then be invited to come to our offices to discuss your project.


The learning areas are as follows