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Sparte is an innovative company that provides robotic and security instruments to companies and individuals to automate their services in various fields such as security, mapping and industrial production.the company is specialised in the maintenance of electronic equipment as well as in the installation of automatic systems allowing a good digital transition of companies.Sparte Robotics is also a research and development centre in robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Our company is proud to have aroused in you curiosity and interest in new technologies.

Sparte Robotics was founded to bring a new and innovative wind in the field of engineering in Cameroon, Africa and elsewhere. Based on the fact that most of the tasks considered physically difficult are still handled manually in Cameroon with a low yield, our team of engineers has given itself the mission to automate difficult or repetitive tasks thanks to robotics and AI in various fields such as industry, security and agriculture. Feel free to visit our different pages for more details about our company.

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