We believe that technology can help human beings to a better life.

That's Why

With science and technology we create robots that can help you.


Started with the ambition of a better life through technology

Sparte Robotics is the first robotics company in Cameroon, born from the desire to popularize robotics, science and engineering in order to contribute to the development and industrialization of Cameroon, while playing an important role in the consolidation of technological exchanges between Africa, Europe, America and Asia.
Our company strives to provide the public and other partner organizations with diversified and quality services, improving and facilitating their daily life.
Sparta Robotics is composed of a team of engineers who combine critical analytical thinking and open-mindedness with a unique perseverance in problem solving.
The company is also involved as a member of several local organizations such as AFROBOTS and contributes to the popularization of robotics and science among youth.

Our Value

The power of applied intelligence.


To build a society where Men and Machines merge their efforts to ensure a better future for the young generations


Offering quality services in various fields of engineering, building intelligent machines that help create wealth for all.


Expand our company on 5 continents, generate growth and create jobs and a better future for our teams and partners

they trust us